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Balloon SinuplastyTM is a minimally-invasive option to relieve sinus obstruction. 

Do you suffer with sinus symptoms?  You may have congestion, pain, drainage, headaches, stuffiness or all of the above.  You may have tried various nasal sprays, saline rinses, antibiotics, and allergy medications.  Does that sound like you?

We want you to know that we can help.  Balloon sinus dilation, also known as sinuplasty, is a new technique for treatment of chronic or recurrent sinusitis.  Before the advent of sinuplasty, patients typically either lived with their symptoms or possibly had sinus surgery.  With sinuplasty, the obstructed anatomic sinus cavities are changed so that they remain open and can naturally drain.  This simple procedure takes less than one hour, but the results can last for years.
Our sinus experts, Drs. Thomason and Zhou, have performed sinuplasty on hundreds of patients in the last several years.  Both doctors are board-certified ENT specialists with extensive experience in the medical and surgical management of allergy and sinus problems.
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Constance Zhou, MD
sinus doctor
Timothy Thomason, MD
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